There Is A Vast Silence

And Mystery

At The Centre of Your Being

What is Nonduality?

Nonduality is where you realize that you and everything around you are not separate, but intimately connected. There is no space between you and objects. It’s like moving from thinking you’re all alone in a world full of different things, to feeling like you’re part of everything that exists. In this way, the lines between you and what you’re looking at or experiencing can become blurry or disappear, making you feel united or as one with everything in the environment. This idea is important in many religions and philosophies, especially from the East like Buddhism and Hinduism but it is crucial to keep in mind this isn’t merely a concept but a deep, visceral experience.

In addition, what you’re experiencing also disappears, in a way that it’s not seen as separate anymore. The mountain isn’t just a mountain; the birdsong isn’t just a sound; both are experienced as lively but empty, meaning they aren’t separate from everything else.

So, consciousness is no longer divided into the one who experiences and what is being experienced. It’s just pure, unbroken experience. An experience without someone experiencing it or something being experienced, without an observer or something being observed, is what nonduality really means.

About Christina

As a child, I sensed a hidden mystery within reality, unnoticed by others.

I grew up in a strongly religious household (Catholic). I felt an intuitive connection to the Divine, but the church experience itself felt strange and incongruent.

As a young adult, I embraced family life, raising four children amid the usual challenges.

In my early thirties, I was consumed by an existential crisis for three years, constantly witnessing suffering and questioning its meaning.

Interview with Angelo Dilullo M.D.